in the village director Hu Ronglan Pa

  • 's home, lying on the bed crying. Until tired, she sat up, eyes dull looking at the direction of home. Her home town in Shangluoqi Pa, the Yangtze River is a hut, after the accident, she moved into town uncle. Previously, Ling-Ling's family is very busy, my mother worked in the fields at the door, neighbors often come to sit at home, and the family dogs and also Lingling inseparable. By this time, Ling-Ling's house door closed, the door piled messy aspartate, arrayed with a bag of unused detergent; hungry dogs a few days lying on the floor feebly cried, and the head also unable to move; Lane did not take care of the dishes a few days, some of the leaves have yellow ...... all of this, the tragedy stems from the Lantern Festival. Orphaned tragedy Lantern Festival on February 28, the Pa villagers to Lingling Yu Jiahua mother Hu Changlan play to call, no answer. Then he gave Hu's husband Zhang Li Shou play to call,abercrombie pas cher, or no answer. This allows Yu Jiahua wonder Hu sows to sell, before two people say good afternoon to talk about the price. 18:00 Guo, Yu Jiahua and his wife came to Fu Xiaoqin Hu Changlan house holding a flashlight, Fu Xiaoqin knocked on the door, no response. I once again call Hu Changlan the phone, the phone ringing crisp pass out from the house, Zhang Li Shou phone ring also came from home. Subsequently, Yu Jiahua stepped pools,hogan, the flashlight light fired into the windows. Light irradiation, a horror picture greets,hollister france, a pair of feet protruding end of the main room table, is clearly a man lying on the ground. Yu Jiahua kick open the door, it is Hu Changlan lying on the ground, her face bruised, necks with a thumb-thick hemp rope, wrapped around a full two laps, had no breathing. The scene in front of Yu Jiahua feet 1.8 m scared limp, he is almost climbed out house, call the police. Soon, Interpol rushed to the scene investigation, Hu Changlan belong to suffocation. Police search the back room, they found another corpse lying on his bed, is identified, it is Zhang Li Shou, bedside arrayed two bottles of highly toxic pesticide bottles, he was ingesting pesticide death. Night, Lingling about the incident, despite her discourage others, ran beside their parents, crying fainted several times. Consequences buy sleeping pills to commit suicide yesterday, Hu Changlan brother Hu Changhong told reporters that he learned from the police, after her husband strangled her sister,abercrombie, died in the back room to drink two bottles of pesticides. Visit, Hu Changlan relatives, nearby villagers and the village director on Pa said, this tragedy is not accidental. In the village, everyone knows the two personality clashes, often noisy, a few days before the incident, but also to Yubei District Civil Affairs Bureau uttered divorce. Hu Changhong, said Ling-Ling has been around with her sister,hollister, my sister farming at home, when the brother masons to work year-round in the main city,hollister, married 16 years together from many. February 24, in the village director Hu Ronglan Pa, accompanied by two men also went to the Civil Affairs Bureau divorced,louboutin, but ultimately did not leave a. "Wanderers commit a sin." Everyone most worried about,hollister france, is also still young Lingling. Lingling read the first two days,ray ban pas cher, the town is Shangluoqi top student in high school, she was particularly sensible cheerful, always helps her mother to work. In order to let my mother alone, she always took her mother there to talk about. The stand against because two days ago, Lingling buy ten sleeping pills Fortunately the Hu Changhong found. Later,ray ban, she suddenly head against a wall, Hu Changhong desperately holding niece, two Ku Cheng a, "good girl, you are very sensible, must be strong." Lingling encounter by the local government's concern, the town leaders repeatedly come visit. But Ling-Ling is still immersed in grief, crying secretly at night. Love her to save her family's warmth "This Lingling damage can not describe, take a long time to recover." Chongqing Ren grid Hetian Hua, deputy director of counseling that allow Lingling forget the past way is to let her feel warm, only if we love and care on her, let her feel the warmth of home, not to mention the past; if someone talk from parents, to say that they are dealing with the problem the wrong way, indifferent at the scene, so Lingling slowly out of the psychological shadow. Hetian Hua said, let Lingling get more joy, more fun and peers, exchange, not a long way around the uncle. She suggested that it is best to have a good condition, nor the child's well-intentioned family adoptions Lingling Lingling regain let family, slowly, Lingling can get out from grief. Meanwhile, psychological experts and Lingling relatives, neighbors, and hope that she could be strong, do not have folly to believe, there are many good people in care, your life will be very beautiful, your life will not lack of love. Reporter intern who seek the Yellow Man